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USRN Detail: 14904600 - Cambridge Place, Birtley

Street details

USRN   Record Type   Street    Locality    Town    County    Unofficial name   Version   Entry date 
14904600   1   Cambridge Place   Barley Mow   Birtley   Gateshead   CAMBRIDGE PLACE   1   21-Nov-97  

Special Designation

  Special Designation     Description     Street location       From    To   Periodicity   Start date   End date   Start time   End time   Source
No details available

Construction Type

  Construction Type     Construction Description     Reinstatement Designation     Street location       From      To     Source
1 Street Reinstatement - 1                          Street outside scope of EToN                        Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council 

Road Status

  Road status    Start date    End date    Street location     From     To     Source
1   Highways England maintainable    12-Sep-17                Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council 

NSG Metadata

swa_org_ref:  4505
Level:  3
Publication date:  31-May-2023
Loaded in  07-Jun-2023
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